Woodcarving related Links:

Florida Woodcarvers Roundup - (for 2020 in North Port, FL and Zephryhills,FL) ) http://arcadia-roundup.webs.com/

Jim O'Dea's  web site with all the woodcarving shows in Florida listed with maps- http://jimodea.webs.com/

Lake Placid, NY Woodcarving Experience- May & September http://lake-placid-woodcarving.webs.com/

Northeast Woodcarvers Roundup - (July Honesdale, PA) http://newroundup.webs.com/

Woodcarvers Roundup on Evart, MI  June -  http://www.evartroundup.com/

Indiana Woodcarvers Summer Camp (Bremen, IN Aug)- http://www.iwcsc.org

ABRANET Sales (sanding screens)  - http://abranet.ecrater.com/